Epi气道是一种随时可用的, 三维粘膜纤毛组织模型组成正常, human-derived tracheal/bronchial epithelial cells also available as a co-culture system with normal human stromal fibroblasts (Epi气道FT). 气液界面培养(ALI), Epi气道再现了屏障的体内表型, 黏膜纤毛的反应, 感染, 毒性反应和疾病. 有超过100个技术参考, Epi气道 is amenable to acute or long-term chronic studies across a wide range of highly predictive in vitro applications.


Epi气道 exhibits human relevant tissue structure and cellular morphology with high uniformity and reproducibility. 其3D结构由有组织的角蛋白5+基底细胞组成, 产生粘液的杯状细胞, 功能紧密连接和跳动纤毛. Epi气道FT incorporates human fibroblasts in an extracellular stromal matrix ideal for 炎症 and fibrosis research.


The Epi气道 3D human tissue model is routinely utilized for a range of applications including safety & 风险评估,抗病毒研究,炎症 & 纤维化与药物给药. Simple protocols and the evaluation of early cellular endpoints allow scientists to acquire data in days, 而不是几周或几个月.


应用Epi气道研究呼吸道病毒附着, 复制, 先天免疫反应和抗病毒药物开发.



Utilize existing transdermal permeation equipment or 华体会网页版’s simple single insert permeation devices to assess API permeation and flux.




Use Epi气道 (available in several formats for physiological exposure systems) to determine relative safety with the Epi气道 IC-75 assay.




Employ Epi气道’s diverse donor inventory of healthy and diseased donors (Asthma, 慢性阻塞性肺病, 吸烟者, Goblet Cell Hyperplasia) to elucidate molecular pathways and assess therapeutic efficacy.



工具: 一个标准的Epi气道试剂盒(AIR-100)由24个组织组成. (组织“套件”包含组织, 少量培养基:少量培养基, and plasticware; contact 华体会网页版 for specific kit contents)


  • 9mm & 22mm individual inserts – tissue culture substrate is chemically modified with a pore size of 0.4 μm
  • 24毫米,12毫米 & 6.5mm Transwell镶件,孔径为0.4 μm
  • 96-well HTS plates – tissue culture substrate is chemically modified with a pore size of 0.4 μm

文化: 气液界面

组织学: 3-4 cell layers – pseudostratified, mucociliary morphology and tissue structure

很多数字: 组织 lots produced each week are assigned a specific lot number. A letter of the alphabet is appended to the end of the lot number to differentiate between individual kits within a given lot of tissues. 所有的组织套件在细胞方面都是相同的, Medium, 处理, 培养条件, 等.

装运: 在4°C中补充琼脂糖凝胶

装运: 每星期一

交付: 周二上午通过联邦快递优先服务(美国). 美国以外:周二至周四,取决于地点

保质期: Including time in transit, tissues may be stored at 4°C for up to 3 days prior to use. However, extended storage periods are not recommended unless necessary. 除了, the best reproducibility will be obtained if tissues are used consistently on the same day, e.g. Tuesday afternoon or following overnight storage at 4°C (Wednesday morning)

长度的实验: 组织 cultures can be continued for THREE (3) MONTHS or more with good retention of normal morphology. 纸巾必须每隔一天喂5次.0 ml保养液(空气- 100 mm).  Cell culture inserts are placed atop washers (EPI-WSHR) or culture stands (MEL-STND) in 6-well plates to allow us of 5.0 ml.  看到 技术参考# 631.



类型: 正常人气管/支气管上皮细胞(NHBE);

基因组成: 单一捐赠者

来自: 健康、不吸烟(可根据要求提供替代捐献者)

选择: NHBE来自哮喘,慢性阻塞性肺病和吸烟者捐赠者

筛选: HIV,乙型肝炎,丙型肝炎,支原体



基础培养基: 杜尔贝科改良鹰型介质(DMEM)

生长因子/激素: 表皮生长因子及其他专有因子

血清: 没有一个

抗生素: 庆大霉素5µg/ml(庆大霉素正常水平的10%)

抗真菌剂: 两性霉素B 0.25µg / ml

酸碱指示剂: 酚红

其他添加剂: 专有的

选择: 酚红-free, antibiotic-free, anti-fungal-free Medium and tissues are available. 代理商至少在装运前3天被移除.

试验介质: 空气- 100容易

维护中: 空气- 100 mm



目视检查: All tissues are visually inspected and if physical imperfections are noted, 组织被拒绝装运

最终用途测试: Transepithelial electrical resistance (TEER) of each Epi气道 lot is measured using an EVOM2 epithelial Volthommeter and Endohm electrode chamber (World Precision Instruments). TEER最低为300欧姆•厘米2 需要QC放行吗.

不育: All media used throughout the production process is checked for sterility. Maintenance Medium is incubated without antibiotics for 1 week and checked for sterility. The agarose gel from the 24-well plate used for shipping is also incubated for 1 week and checked for any sign of contamination

筛查病原体: All cells are screened and are negative for HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C using PCR. However, no known test method can offer complete assurance that the cells are pathogen free. 因此, these products and all human derived products should be handled at BSL-2 levels (biosafety level 2) or higher as recommended in the CDC-NIH manual, "微生物和生物医学实验室的生物安全,” 1998. For further assistance, please contact your site Safety Officer or 华体会网页版 technical service

批不合格通知书: 如果组织批次没有通过我们的质量控制或无菌测试, the customer will be notified and the tissues will be replaced without charge when appropriate. 因为我们的QC和无菌检测是在出货后进行的, notification will be made as soon as possible (Under normal circumstances, TEER不合格将在周三下午5点前通知.m.; sterility failures will be notified within 8 days of shipment)


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