Engineered to enable in vitro skin research in which fibroblast-keratinocyte cell interactions are important, 华体会网页版的表皮ft系统由正常, 人表皮角质形成细胞(NHEK)和正常, human dermal fibroblasts (NHFB) cultured to form a multilayered model of the human dermis and epidermis. Cultured at the air-liquid interface in easy-to-handle tissue culture inserts, 表皮FT attains levels of differentiation at the cutting edge of tissue engineering technology.

表皮细胞由表达角蛋白5的基底细胞组成, 表达棘状和颗粒状层的总苞素和角蛋白10, 角质化的表皮层与体内发现的相似. The dermal compartment is composed of a collagen matrix containing viable normal human dermal fibroblasts (NHDF). The epidermal and dermal layers are mitotically and metabolically active and exhibit in vivo-like morphological and growth characteristics which are uniform and highly reproducible.


基底膜A 成熟的基底膜 是否存在于真皮/表皮交界处. Hemidesomosomes ();, 板最亮的星, lamina densa(→) and anchoring fibril structures(») are evident by transmission electron microscopy.

表皮FT tissues are used across a wide range of applications including scientific efficacy and claims substantiation. 由于皮肤表面干燥, 表皮FT can be used to evaluate biological responses to topical applications of formulations or ingredients. Simple protocols and the evaluation of early molecular endpoints allow research to acquire data in days, 而不是几周或几个月.


Examine changes in extracellular matrix gene and protein expression and histological structure to determine the anti-aging efficacy of cosmetic ingredients or final formulation. 许多成人捐赠者都可以提供表皮移植手术.



使用表皮ft与创面愈合分析试剂盒评估治疗方法. Wound healing assay kits include 24 pre-wounded tissues and are available with epidermal only wounds or full-thickness wounds of the epidermis and dermis.



Use 表皮FT to assess the efficacy of topically applied moisturizers by measuring the electrical impedance of the epidermis. 服从霜, 凝胶, 乳液或其他配方, 皮肤水合分析允许在24小时内进行数据分析.



分析环嘧啶二聚体的形成, inflammatory mediator release and oxidative endpoints to evaluate the UV protective efficacy of compounds or formulations.


浏览我们的 参考图书馆 看看我们的表皮ft组织是如何被用于这些研究领域的.


工具: 一个标准的表皮ft试剂盒(EFT-400)由24个组织组成. (组织“套件”包含组织, 少量培养基:少量培养基, and plasticware; contact 华体会网页版 for specific kit contents)

基质: 使用Costar Snapwell™单孔组织培养板插入片. 孔径= 0.4 μm,直径= 1.2 cm. 表面积= 1.0 cm2

文化: 气液界面

组织学: 8-12 cell layers plus stratum corneum (basal, spinous, and granular layers)

很多数字: 每周生产的组织批次被分配一个特定的批号. A letter of the alphabet is appended to the end of the lot number to differentiate between individual kits within a given lot of tissues. 所有的组织套件在细胞方面都是相同的, Medium, 处理, 培养条件, 等.

装运: 在4°C的培养基补充,琼脂糖凝胶在6孔板

装运: 每星期一. 如有特殊要求,星期四装运也可以

交付: 周二上午通过联邦快递优先服务(美国). 美国以外:周二至周四,取决于地点

保质期: Including time in transit, tissues may be stored at 4°C for up to 6 days prior to use. 但是,除非必要,否则不建议延长储存期. 除了, the best reproducibility will be obtained if tissues are used consistently on the same day, e.g. Tuesday afternoon or following overnight storage at 4°C (Wednesday morning)

长度的实验: Cultures can be continued for up to 2 weeks with good retention of normal epidermal morphology. 培养物必须每隔一天喂5次.0毫升EFT-400培养基



类型: Normal human epidermal keratinocytes (NHEK); Normal human dermal fibroblasts (NHDF)

基因组成: 单一捐赠者

来自: Neonatal-foreskin tissue (NHEK); Neonatal skin (NHDF)

选择: NHEK from adult breast skin; NHDF from adult skin

筛选: HIV,乙型肝炎,丙型肝炎,支原体



基础培养基: 杜尔贝科改良鹰型介质(DMEM)

生长因子/激素: 表皮生长因子, 胰岛素, hydrocortisone and other proprietary stimulators of epidermal differentiation

血清: 没有一个

抗生素: 庆大霉素5µg/ml(庆大霉素正常水平的10%)

抗真菌剂: 两性霉素B 0.25µg / ml

酸碱指示剂: 酚红

其他添加剂: Lipid precursors used to enhance epidermal barrier formation (proprietary)

选择: 苯酚red-free (eft - 400编码脉冲), 不需抗生素(eft - 400沛富), anti-fungal-free (eft - 400等于off), 或无氢化可的松培养基和组织(EFT-400-HCF)可用. 代理商至少在装运前3天被移除

分析/维护Medium: EFT-400-ASY is utilized for assays; EFT-400-MM is used for term maintenance of the EFT-400 tissues



目视检查: All tissues are visually inspected and if physical imperfections are noted, 组织被拒绝装运

最终用途测试: 组织暴露于1% Triton X-100 8、12、16和24小时. The time of exposure required to reduce the tissue viability (ET-50) using the MTT viability assay is determined (See 华体会网页版 表皮FT use protocol) for each lot of tissue. ET-50一般在6的范围内.5-9.5个小时. 客户实验室中的ET-50可能与华体会网页版的结果略有不同

不育: All media used throughout the production process is checked for sterility. Maintenance Medium is incubated with and without antibiotics for 1 week and checked for sterility. The agarose 凝胶 from the 24-well plate used for shipping is also incubated for 1 week and checked for any sign of contamination

筛查病原体: All cells are screened and are negative for HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C using PCR. However, no known test method can offer complete assurance that the cells are pathogen free. 因此, these products and all human derived products should be handled at BSL-2 levels (biosafety level 2) or higher as recommended in the CDC-NIH manual, "微生物和生物医学实验室的生物安全,” 1998. For further assistance, please contact your site Safety Officer or 华体会网页版 technical service

批不合格通知书: 如果组织批次没有通过我们的质量控制或无菌测试, the customer will be notified and the tissues will be replaced without charge when appropriate. 因为我们的QC和无菌检测是在出货后进行的, notification will be made as soon as possible (Under normal circumstances, ET-50故障将在周三下午5点前通知.m.; sterility failures will be notified within 8 days of shipment)


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